100 Litre Whisky Barrel

100 Litre Whisky Barrel

Own a barrel of Single Malt Whisky or Rum

We will produce a lightly peated, rye, heavily peated, or treacle (rum) new make spirit, then mature 100 litres of this spirit in a handcrafted American Oak port barrel for you for a minimum period of 2 years. This spirit will commence maturation at 60% ABV, or whatever percentage you choose. At the completion of this 2 years, the product can be legally known as Whisky.

Price includes spirit, barrel, excise, gst, bottles and labels. 

Buy Conditions

This product must be stored and aged for a minimum of 2 years to be called Whisky. This product cannot be removed from bond, or disposed of, without written permission of Newcastle Distilling Co. You can bottle at any percentage. Prices doe not include freight, however can be freighted at additional cost to you. These terms are offered by The Phoenix Brewhouse Pty Ltd (trading as Newcastle Distilling Co), ABN: 53 621 516 238, ACN: 621 516 238.

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    Newcastle Distilling Co.

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